Mugla / Bodrum

Bodrum is a resort town in Southwest Turkey, and it is one of the most popular holidaydestinations. The unique blend of nature, history, entertainment, and the hospitality of Turkish people made Bodrum one of the most visited destinations  inTurkey. Bodrum provides a very rich history to its visitors. Once known as the ancient city of Halicarnassus,  Bodrum is the birth place of Heradotus, the father of history. Bodrum is also home of the Mauseloum (built 353 BC) , tomb of Mousolus,  one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The Bodrum castle, built in the fifteenth century is one of the main attractions for all visiting Bodrum. This vast structure is the cultural center of Bodrum, since it not only hosts rock and classical music concerts, but it also is the home of the world’s only Museum of Underwater Archeology. The museum has a large collection of items dating back to thousands of years that are found under the water. It is a must-see museum for everyone.

Bodrum is also the starting point of a yacht journey that is second tonone. The Blue Voyage, a 5-15 day journey on a Turkish Gulet, along the Turkish coast, is a spectacular journey that is nothing if not breathtaking. Bodrum has something for everyone: natural and historical treasures, a unique shopping experience in charmingnarrow streets, over 30 beaches with excellent water-sports facilities and restaurants offerring some of the finest examples of Turkish and Mediterrenean cuisine.