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Turkish Lettings Membership Packages


  • 1 Listing
  • 15 Photos
  • Video
  • 365 Days

$ 0


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  • 30 Listings
  • 25 Photos
  • Videos
  • 365 Days

$ 150


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You can publish only one listing for 365 days free of charge with the free membership package. To do this, you will need to register and become a member.



You can publish two listings for 365 days by purchasing the Individual Package.




If you own a travel agency, rental management company or an estate agency, the Commercial Package is designed especially for your business. This package provides your business by adding more home listings compared to the Individual Package.





The number of pictures and videos you add, which is available in each package are used separately and distinctly for each single home listing you wish to publish.


For example, if you purchased the "Individual Packages", which means 20 pictures and 2 videos will be used separately for each 2 home listings that you publish. Therefore, you have the right to publish 40 pictures and 4 videos, respectively.





In order to purchase a package, you first need to be a member of our website. For " free membership " go to the upper right-hand corner of our website and click on the " Sign Up " button. Once you fill out the form completely and registered successfully, a link will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided. Subsequent to the activation of your membership, click on the " Member Login " button to reach your panel, which is designed especially for you.


On the left-hand corner of your panel, click on the " Payment " options then the  "Add Credit" button. Enter the amount of the package you wish to purchase in " USD " and your " Payment Method ", then click on the " Buy " button or " Paid Services " to add more credits to your account.


On the upper right-hand corner of your panel, the amount of the package you have purchased will appear in  green  and it will show how much credits you have.





You can reach the payment options by clicking on the " Add Credit " button on the " Payment " option. These are payment by PayPal and bank transfer.



Ensure your credit card payment is securely protected. Subsequently to your payment, the amount paid and your payment transaction will be reflected on your billing statement. Turkish Lettings and PayPal will send you a statement via e-mail confirming your payment.



Payments can also be made through your bank, and this is in the form of electronic funds transfer. When you click on the " Bank Transfer " option, you will find our bank account information. Payment process made in a foreign country can take up between 3 to 7 business days; whereas, payment made within the country is usually completed within the same business day. Once the transfer is completed, Turkish Lettings will notify you via e-mail that a payment has been received and your advertisement will become active instantly.





Paid services, are services provided in order to give expeditious results of your home postings. These services are special section provided in the " Manage Homes " option, which will appear after you click on the " Add Home " on your panel after editing your listing.

These services are:


  • Make featured listing 
  • Make highlight listing

The " Make featured listing " service allows your listing to produce faster results by advertising your home on the " Populer Listings " on our homepage for 10 days. Meanwhile, the " Make highlight listing " service will display your listing in  beige  color when general home search results are listed. As a result, this will enable visitors to choose your home faster among these listings. This service is also valid for a period of 10 days.


Service fees are $20 (credits) for the " Make featured listing " service and $15 (credits) for the " Make highlight listing " service.